Hi, I’m Luis Alt!

I work with Service Design to help organizations be great to customers, do good and achieve better results.

I’m the founder and CEO of Livework, the first global Service Design agency, in São Paulo. I created the first Design Thinking course in Latin America at ESPM and wrote the first Brazilian book on the subject, the best-seller Design Thinking Brasil. I’m also one of the founders of the national chapter of Service Design Network in my country and have been the jury of their global award since 2017. I write, teach and speak around the world about how to innovate and provide better services using design. Since you are here, I hope you find my content or services useful to your endeavor. Have a great time on my website!

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São Paulo

As the founder and Head of Design for a decade at Livework, I’ve helped organizations rethink how they should establish their relationship with its clients in more innovative and satisfying ways. Livework São Paulo was a pioneer in the Service Design field in Brazil, helping to establish a market that is currently thriving and rapidly maturing.

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Content creation & sharing

Author, speaker and professor

I’ve been sharing my thoughts on how to use Design help companies provide better services with (a) professionals who work on the field to help build the local practice, and (b) business leaders, to show them the impact it could bring to their organizations. I’ve been doing this as a keynote speaker in events around the world, teacher or guest lecturer at different educational institutions such as ESPM in São Paulo and Parsons in New York, and writer of a book, articles mainly in SDN’s Touchpoint magazine and blog posts on my Medium or company website.

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Latest endeavor

A channel about service (and) design in Portuguese

I’m working on a new way of spreading the word on Service and Design, entirely focussed on the Portuguese-speaking audience. I’m documenting the creation process (also in Portuguese) and it will, hopefully, be launched on the second semester of 2020.

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What makes me different?

Background in
Industrial Design
& Engineering

Besides of having a Master in Design Management from Istituto Europeo di Design in Barcelona, my roots in Product Design and Industrial Engineering help me understand what people want better and then determine how organizations should be organized to deliver on that. I’ve also learned from Disney and Zappos on how to provide better services.

Experience in
projects for top

Whenever clients reach out to Livework, it is probably because they have a wicked and key challenge to solve in their organization. From helping companies to know who their clients are to helping them improve their experience while obtaining better results, my consulting work has been my main activity for more than a decade.

Part of the global Service Design
community since
its beginnings

I was fortunate enough to be among the few more than 100 attendees of the first Service Design Global Conference, organized by the Service Design Network in Amsterdam, back in 2008. Since then I’ve attended more than half of them and went up the stage 4 times (San Francisco, New York, Madrid and Toronto), becoming good friends with the core people from the community.

One of the creators and champion of the local community

Besides being involved with the creation of the first Design Thinking and Service Design courses, I’ve been actively helping to built the community in Brazil by organizing events as a co-founder of Service Design Network’s Brazilian chapter. As a teacher and creator of Bis, Livework’s educational initiative, I’ve been training the best and most recognized service designers in the country (many of them our greatest competitors at Livework).

“Everything within an organization should be connected to how it generates value to its customers.”

Words from friends

“Success was immediate, as the methodology was adopted in every region where our organization operates, being recognized as the best tool ever made to disseminate the process of one of the most innovative companies in the world.”

Mario Fioretti
Former Design Director at Whirlpool


“Luis has a very singular profile as he can both work with the ordered and problem-solving attitude of an engineer and the creative and exploring spirit of a designer. That provides him with the capabilities to manage complexity and create genuine answers to the issues he is expected to solve.”

Oriol Rodrigues
Professor at IED Barcelona


“Luis trusts people from the moment he meets them — and that’s why people choose to follow him. His strong intuition and willingness to help captivate people around him to be part of a movement, much larger than himself.”

Lucas Terra
Livework Alumni, currently at Nubank

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