What is Design Management?

Escrevi o texto abaixo durante meu master de gestão de design. O objetivo era descrever o que ‘Design Management’ significava para mim naquele ponto intermediário do curso. Concordo até hoje com cada palavra que escrevi. :)

Sim, esse sou eu de cabelo preto em uma das muitas saídas de campo para projeto na linda Barcelona.
Esse sou eu ainda com cabelos pretos em uma das muitas saídas de campo para projetos em BCN.

To define Design Management, it’s important to see what the second is really all about. For me management is not telling people what to do, but helping them set a direction towards an objective. It is much more about following the improvements than just waiting for the final results. It is providing the exact tools and means to the others and showing them how to take advantage of it. At the same time it is a constant learning experience. Last, but not least, real management practice taught me that although practical and theoretical knowledge is a must, nothing beats common sense to come up with a really good strategy.

Having said that, the best and most obvious definition of Design Management is the management of design. But what does that mean? Applying management tools to the design process or the other way around? In my opinion Design Management goes beyond all that.

Design Management is the discipline that gives credibility to design in a business environment. Is the discipline that enables designers to argue and participate in the strategic circle of companies at the same level of marketing, finance, sales and operational directors.

A Design Manager should be capable of creating the right strategy to any
company through its products and services. Positioning, targeting, outstanding:
differentiating through design. Transforming field inputs and research into the right outputs,
blending design thinking with business tools. Design Management is the bridge that links abstract pleasantness with solid figures, design with business, forms with numbers.

Design Management is creating with a purpose and not only for simple beauty.

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